Armature Project

Arts & Crafts Exhibition, Herb Greene

Arts & Crafts Exhibition, 1980

The Arts & Crafts Exhibition is an Armature concept that reimagines a former industrial building to develop exhibition galleries, design workshops and artist studios. The historic masonry dissolves into a glass architecture addition, flanked by constructivist columns enclosing the elevator and connecting rooftop breezeways. The Armature functions as a conduit for creative exchange and passage of light throughout the building. The design embodies transition from one era to the next, giving expression to contemporary relationships between traditional craft and new technologies.

The Arts and Crafts Exhibition project ensures affordable urban renewal by revitalizing existing architecture in response to the current needs of a community. The Armature design philosophy employs the role of history to effectively resolve what is commonly perceived as conflicts between architectural preservation and progressive development. Armature directly addresses the necessity of involving local residents and artists in the creation of public space.