Artist Statement

We perceive experiences based on visual cues that are translated in our minds through a process of organic cognition, allowing us to create scenarios of meaning that reflect events in our everyday life. Events contain inherent forms, colors, sounds and tastes that relate to past and present memory. My work explores perception as a generative process capable of transforming interpretations from the past into adaptive states of alternate meaning and perception.

The imagery that unfolds in my mixed media paintings capture emotional and intellectual representations of moments in the space- time continuum. I employ a spatially layered collage technique to integrate photographs with seemingly disparate content depicting various potential realities. Central to my process is the notion that simultaneous perspectives are measured by diverse experiences which include a synthesis of multiple factors. My fascination with metaphysical theory stems from a long held interest in Alfred Whitehead’s Process Philosophy, in which he asserts that matter, space and time are inextricably connected.

My paintings endeavor to transform images from popular culture into compositions that reveal existential underpinnings and personal interpretations of historical events, places, people and objects. I create visual narratives that deconstruct the human condition by extracting fragments from different points in time to reflect tensions between finite definitions of reality and the boundless realm of collective consciousness. My subject matter navigates both the public and personal, weaving iconic historical images into frameworks that reveal the mental continuum as a constantly evolving system that integrates present awareness with associative meaning from previous experience.