Herb Greene Generations Six Decades of Architecture and Collage Art

Generations: Six Decades of Collage Art and Architecture

By Herb Greene with Lila Cohen
Oro Editions
ISBN: 9781941806791

Generations showcases six decades of Herb Greene’s art and architecture informed by his interest in science and history. Greene’s architectural projects are pictured alongside his collage paintings and Armature drawings, in a way that reveals the unified philosophy behind allof his work. Its purpose is to tell a story of the important interrelationships between art, scienceand philosophy.

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Painting the Mental Continuum

By Herb Greene
Berkeley Hills Books
ISBN: 1893163555 (pbk.)

Inspired by the work of British philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, this book analyzes a series of images, pointing out details, contexts, and overviews, and showing how imagination shapes reactions into meaning. Providing 72 full-color reproductions of works by Vermeer, Cartier-Bresson, Picasso, Dali, and others, the book shows readers how to meld recent discoveries in cognitive science and neurobiology with Whitehead’s ideas on feelings and imagination to discover fresh insights into art.

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Building to Last: Architecture as Ongoing Art

By Herb Greene with Nanine Hilliard Greene
Architectural Book Publishing Company
ISBN: 0803800282

In an armature-way-of-building, architectural design can encourage public and private investment, create jobs, and give shape and organization to free-market additions and indeterminate development.Herb Greeneproposes that a building, whether large or small, can become the aesthetic and social commentary of a community. Contemporary science and philosophy, painting and sculpture are seen as inspiration for a new approach to architectural design that the author refers to as Armature. The Armature concept illustrates an approach to design that creates unique historic structures as permanently renewable buildings within a city or neighborhood.

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Mind & Image: An Essay on Art & Architecture

By Herb Greene
The University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 10:0813113237

A beautifully illustrated book,presenting Greene’s principles and methods, ranging from discussions of the lingering influences of Cartesian mechanism to explanations for the uninhabitability of large public housing projects. His commentary approaches the topic of organic architecture from a point of view that is philosophic as well as practical, artistic as well as historical.Greene offers a matrix theory, relying on the teachings of Whitehead and Merleau-Ponty about the nature of perception. He applies his theory in fascinating accounts of his own design process.

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