Armature Project

Concept for a government center as a work of public art

Massive walls of stained concrete with ceramic and other waterproof materials designed by artists and citizens working under the direction of artists. An elliptical plan forms and outdoor space for public gatherings and a focus for tourists. Embedded historic memorabilia and art works present a history of the city with metaphors of Southwest rock formations and Anasazi and Roman ruins. The enclosed space houses restaurants, craft workshops and possibly the Chamber of Commerce. The idea is to create an architectural equivalent to beautiful historic, human made places such as the Piazza San Marcos. Planning and installation of public art could be televised. The populism of the project would offer a much needed alternative to a corporation or institution hiring architects who generally reflect the fashion of their time. A primary goal of the project is to reflect the antiquity and presence of region and place while continually recycling the artwork of present and future generations. Office buildings for government functions are grouped around and are connected to the “historic” core.