Herb Greene Texas Man collage painting

Texas Man
48 x 96 inches
Mixed Media with Acrylic Binder on Canvas

Texas Man is a collage painting that references Depression-era history, with photographs from the Farm Security Administration  by Dorothea Lange and an image of a predatory  seabird by Emil Shulthess. Durations are unique to each act of perception.  In the detail of Texas Man, I have placed the man with birdlike aspects and the bird so that the pointed shapes of the man’s hair, mouth, underarm and shirt pockets can mingle with the pointed beak and feathers in a unison of immediacy.  The gobbler-goiter folds on the man’s neck contribute to his birdlike aspect and act as a sign of negative contingency.  In the unison of immediacy, one can feel the man to be bitter, dejected, vulnerable, physically weathered and yet defiant.  The bird could be aggressive or defensive.  We can experience these various feelings as if they stemmed from comparative durations.