Homage to Anne Frank #5
60 x 48 inches
Mixed Media with Acrylic Binder on Canvas

The haunting photograph of Anne Frank, incorporated in this collage painting, was selected for the cover of Life Magazine from a series of snapshots made in an automatic photo booth. In this paintings, I included images of German troops, the WWII invasion of France, and an Arthur Rackham painting.

Our knowledge of Anne Frank’s history influences our interpretation of her image and intensifies it’s significance. We are drawn in to respond to her hair, gaze, shadows and dress ornament, as we examine both our objective and subjective feelings regarding what she has come to symbolize. The dark shadows around her eyes add gravity and appear ominous, portraying a sense of morbidity. Inescapable, however, is a sense of redemption as she lives in the pages of her diary.